Long Mint – Schoolgirl with a Lollipop

Shemale schoolgirl with a lollipop in her mouth.

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On the good ship Lollipop, it’s a sweet trip to Mint’s candy shop. Where bad boys play, on the sunny beach of Long Mint bay.. Sex toys lay everywhere, porn star music fills the air, And there you are! Happy bouncing on Mint’s chocolate bar!.. In my sailor suite I get a rise , I’m a sweet girl with an extra large surprise, just open wide, and I’ll take you on my peppermint ride.. In my panties I’ve a treat for you. If play too much it’s ooh ooh ooh. And you’ll awake with a very sore bottom ache.. On the good ship lollipop, it’s a nightly trip into bed we hop. And we play all night, with Mint’s cream filled Lollipop!

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Long Mint Hot Shemale – Racer

Wow! I like this dick. Really huge shemale dick! Just try to imagine this wild skinny ladyboy Long Mint saying “Gentlemen, start your engines!”. She is ready for her body service tonight. All tools are prepared and she is awaiting for your command to start workshop games.

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Mint is dressed up in her bright racing suit, tiny wind resistant see-through panties, for easy access to her large gear stick (you know what I mean), and she’s fitted with a sexy black stockings. She got somewhere large box of tools to play with. Mint first checks her front headlamps are large enough and on full show, to get the attention of any shemale’s beauty admire. Her rear hole is then well oiled for the wild action to come, and finally it’s time to clean those pipes, as she grips her massive screwdriver..

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Mint Showing her Cute Butterfly Thong

PVC is so durable, you can be as rough as you like with it. It also hugs my tall, slim figure so tightly.. My latest naughty red PVC dress seems to be a little too small and doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Every time I bend over it slides up over my butt cheeks and shows off my firm and tight ass.

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And as for the front, my cock is too long, it hangs down in my panties just below my dress for everyone to see. Although right now that doesn’t seem to be the problem as I can feel slowly rising.. Maybe I should just slide this dress down to the floor and show you how I really feel about skin tight PVC. I always find actions speak louder than words..

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Police Shemale Using her Nightstick

This time Long Mint is a cruel police officer. Have you ever met a shemale police officer before? Especially when she is so hot and sexy like she is… Put your hands where she can see them! And don’t you dear to move or she’ll be forced to shoot load of cum right in your punk ass! What are you hiding from her in your pants? Are you carrying a dangerous weapon or are you just pleased to see this sexy police shemale?

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Long Mint is taking out her handcuffs and perform and thorough strip search, but I hope you put up a fight, she likes to see a man struggle when he’s under her control. She will let you see how big her truncheon is, and show you how she love to use it sticking deep in her ass… And watch her huge dick!

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Mint Fucking Herself with a Cola Bottle

Long Mint have never tried a phone sex before. It is so lonely when you are so fare away and she can only hear your rough voice and breath. This shemale is horny all the time and can get so frustrated. She is ready to hear you naughty talks and dirty fantasies. Tell her all the bad things you are ready to do with her, there’s nothing you can say that will shock Mint. Her huge dick is getting so damn hard just thinking about it…

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Horny ladyboy starts fingering her ass hole whilst you tell her naughty dreams and as she gets more and more wild Long Mint reaches for a bottle of coke to fuck herself with something big to imagine your cock in her ass. It is just like you are inside her and she put the phone to her hard cock so you can hear she cum. Won’t you call her now?

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Horny Shemale Schoolgirl Masturbating

Mint is such a good girl while she is at school. She is studying so hard every day for an oral exams and she needs some relaxation, could you come around and help sexy shemale schoolgirl to forget her studies? I am sure you like her school girl uniform with nice stockings, maybe this skirt is a too short and you can see Long Mint’s white panties.. and you can see what is hiding under t-girl’s panties.

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This shemale schoolgirl is always putting things in her sweet mouth when she is trying to concentrate on studies, but all that sucking makes her losing control and pushing for some nasty actions. And just a few seconds later ladyboy is laying on a bed totally naked with panties around her ankles…

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Working T-girl huge Dick and Plugging her Ass

Do You think that blondes have more fun? Then how do You find this sexy slim shemale’s curly hair? I think she looks much more kinky.. especially together with all this this black leather that’s getting Long Mint into such a spicy mood. She’s like a horny bitch on heat right now and this ladyboy got you in her sights. Watch Long Mint playing around working with her huge dick and plugging her ass!

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When you see Long Mint in these high heeled leather boots posing on a cam you’ll know that this bitch is looking for trouble.. Let her give you a little taste of just how kinky shemales can be with some help from one of her favorite toys. It can get really deep inside her ass making her eyes roll back with pleasure..

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